Lawn Care

For some of us, there is satisfaction in mowing the perfect stripe along with a nice crisp edge. 

We can create a lawn care programme to suit your needs. Whether it’s heavy traffic from children, shade tolerant lawns or maybe you have an ornamental lawn to be admired from afar. To keep a lawn looking lush, it takes care and attention, that we can provide. We care for all types of lawns small or large!

Wildflower Meadows

We also work closely with a wildflower consultant to provide you with the correct wildflower mixes! Wildflower meadows are a perfect place to take some time out and just enjoy your surroundings while doing your bit for the environment. 

Camomile Lawns

Camomile lawns are a low maintenance alternative to grass suited for areas where mowing access is limited. Traffic must be light for this sort of feature, but the look and scent is divine, we can assess your garden and see if this type of lawn is right for you!