Wisteria have a very bad reputation of being invasive, However, this is only the case if they are not cared for regularly. Wisteria require two main prunes throughout the year, Summer and Winter.

Summer pruning is normally carried out in July or August. This prune is to allow air to circulate and light to reach the younger stems allowing better flower bud formation. It encourages flowering spurs instead of foliar growth.

Winter pruning is usually carried out between January to February. This is to maintain the structure before the growing season and to stop the foliage from concealing the flowers.

There are lots of different ways to train a Wisteria. You can train them as wall shrubs, up pergolas or create an archway. Knowledge is key when pruning Wisteria. For optimum flowering having the knowledge to differentiate between the flowering buds and shooting buds is key.

Matt Bishop Gardens has the knowledge and experience to prune and train your wisteria correctly whether its regular upkeep to get the best from your wisteria or rejuvenating an older specimen so you can see how beautiful these climbers really are.